Alternative Transportation News On Long Island

1. Link:  Newsday map of the 35 pedestrian deaths on Route 24 (Hempstead Tpk/Fulton Ave/Conklin street) 2005-2012 as reported by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign.

2. Link:  Elmont family calls for action when teen is killed by automobile while crossing the road.

3. Link:  Motor Parkway Bike Trail connecting Eisenhower Park with Farmingdale has been approved. There is not yet a time line for completion.


Alternative Transportation News Off Long Island

1. Link:  Protective intersection for bikes adopted in Salt Lake City. (This is really the coolest thing.  Check out what protected intersections are here.)

2. Link:  Detroit adds 150 miles of bike lanes and gets increase of 400% in bike ridership.

3. Link:  A University of California study finds that by increasing bike ridership, cities can degree CO2 emissions by as much as 10% and decrease infrastructure repair costs by as much as $25 trillion by 2050.

4.  Link:  Bicycle tourism has huge economic potential.  If you read the article, definitely make certain to watch the video about Detroit, too.