Become a Long Island Transportation Alliance Member

We welcome you to become a Long Island Transportation Alliance Member.  Membership grants you voting rights in the organization and the right to run for the LITA board. The membership fee of $20/year will be used for basic LITA expenses, but can be waived for financial hardship by petitioning the board. By becoming a member you are promising to vote in good faith for what you believe will further the LITA purpose of making alternative transportation on Long Island safer, more affordable and more convenient.

You can become a member by paying the membership fee here or by emailing us with your intent via the contact form here and telling us your full name, mailing address, email address and then either sending us a check for $20 (96 Vermont Ave., Hempstead, NY 11550), paying one of us in person or letting us know why you would like us to waive the fee.

Present LITA Board of Directors

(The board must have a minimum of five members, one of which will be chairperson, another secretary and a third treasurer.)

Chairperson:   Sylvia Silberger

Secretary:        Jessica Holzer

Treasurer:        William Larsen

Member:          Sharon Stanley

Member:          Thomas Culkin

Long Island Transportation Alliance Bylaws can be found here. Long Island Transportation Alliance was formerly Car-less Long Island.